Jeffrey Campbell s/s11

I know its only the first of December and the winter has just started, but I have already been going through some Spring/Summer 2011 pictures. I am excited about the snow at the moment and I think an endless summer would just be boring, so I don’t want summer quite yet. After the long, dark winter it feels amazing when you can put away all the winter clothes and start wearing different kinds of shoes instead of the Uggs which seem to be the only appropriate type of footwear in this weather. I had a look at the Jeffrey Campbell look book for s/s11 and picked out some of my favourites. Every blogger out there seems to own the Lita boots (I don’t, they are fabulous though) and there are some new versions of them coming out in the spring.

I really like the white Pixie wedges. Definitely not an easy colour in shoes, white boots can look tacky too easily. However, these look lovely and I would also like to see them in different colours. The wedges in the third picture are my favourite, I wear a lot of brown, I think it suits me and it goes with a lot of things and it is an easy colour to wear. They do remind me of Acne Atacomas though (here is a picture). Definitely not a bad thing, they seem a bit more casual then Atacomas and would suit my personal style better.

The first shoe is very different from the rest of the collection, much more subtle with a small heel and very feminine. I love the combination of white and pale pink with the bow, makes the shoe look smart but casual and it would suit a lot of different occasions. I am not sure how I would wear it, but I wouldn’t mind trying it out. The Brisbane wedges are just amazing.

All pictures from Jeffrey Campbell

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2 Responses to Jeffrey Campbell s/s11

  1. maria m says:

    hitto aloin himoitsee noit kenkii! loving the shoes!
    en tiiä millä kielellä nyt kirjotan tänne mut tosijees tää sun blogi 😉

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