I don’t think anyone particularly likes Mondays, they definitely aren’t my favourite days. Today it was just back to Manchester and back to uni and I had the most boring lecture ever. Everyone could be asleep in the lecture theatre and the lecturer wouldn’t even notice. This freezing weather, which is nothing compared to Finland at the moment, I know, makes it a bit challenging to dress in the clothes I want to wear. The easiest way to solve it is to just wear several layers of tights and leggings if I want to wear skirts and dresses, no one will notice.

The first picture from today is my travelling outfit for the train, I’m happy I chose to wear something comfortable since the train was completely packed, because of delays and cancellations of other trains. And of course there was only the light left in the fridge when I got home, I was starving so I was forced to go buy some food to feed myself. I try to cook most of the time instead of getting take-aways or having ready meals and I enjoy being healthy. Anyway, back to the clothes.

In the evening I was invited to a Finnish friend’s birthday party, I decided to go to the house part for a little bit but skipped the going out because I have an early start tomorrow morning. And I am not very good with mornings, I rather stay under the covers. I really enjoy meeting other Finns in England though, it feels like we have something extra in common and we can moan about the English together. I also love speaking Finnish because I don’t get to use it very much, mostly when I speak to my parents on skype and whenever I go back home (which is in fact in Switzerland).

My friend was so kind to take these pictures of me when we were leaving the party and heading to the bus stop. Unfortunately I had to get the pictures taken in the dark, with a flash, but hopefully you can see the clothes. Because I knew I wasn’t going out, I just wanted to change quickly, look nice and still feel comfortable. So black and white was an easy option but always looks good. If I just learned how to accessorise it would be even better.

And I’ve learnt the blogger pose already. All the clothes are rather old, the newest purchase is the vintage coat which I found from a small vintage shop in Lancaster. Right now I’m just going to make a cup of tea, get ready for bed and I think I need to catch up on Desperate Housewives.

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5 Responses to 29112010

  1. your hair just falls effortlessly, i love it. also wish i could wear a fur coat without resembling a marshmallow with legs. charlotte x

  2. Anni says:

    sulla on tosi kauniit kasvonpiirteet ja hiukset! liityn lukijaks, kiva seurata jotain suomalaisen kirjottamaa blogia englanniks šŸ™‚

  3. lucie says:

    Lovely coat! Fur coats really do keep you warm šŸ™‚ And great blogger poses, very natural šŸ˜‰

  4. amanda says:

    wau, oot tosi kaunis, sulla on ihana tyyli ja hiukset!

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