Winter Sunday

Today’s just been a typical lazy Sunday, I’ve stayed mostly in bed because it was so cold. At some point I decided that I did in fact want to go out and get some fresh air. So we took a walk and also took some pictures and went for a cup of tea. English country side can be so nice and it was a beautiful day today, shame that it gets dark so quickly.

We walked by the river and decided to mess around with the camera and to take some pictures while we still had some light left and to show my outfit of the day. Quite often on weekends I am not in Manchester so I have quite limited options on what to wear. I also hate packing so usually I just throw a lot of things into my weekend bag, hoping that they will match together. This weekend I only brought my Uggs with me, probably the best decision clothing wise, it has been absolutely freezing here. I bought the coat last year from River Island and it is surprisingly warm, I can fit tons of clothes underneath it because it is so huge. Let me know your thoughts on the outfit.

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5 Responses to Winter Sunday

  1. AdVT says:

    love the pics, ur really pretty! thanks for ur comments in my blog too! Im definately gonna follow your blog 🙂

  2. joanna says:

    ihana blogi !=) voisin alkaa lukemaan =) ja kiitos kommentista

  3. love this coat, you look adorable. i definitely a follower 😉

  4. lucie says:

    Wow you were really brave taking your coat off for photos! Dedication to your blog 🙂
    I love your plait, you look Swedish haha 🙂

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