White Wash

I just realised that my closet need a loose white shirt and a perfectly cut white T-shirt. It would be a perfect addition to everything, it is so simple yet so chic. Emmanuelle Alt always looks amazing and well put together, I love the blazer on top of the t-shirt. She deserves her own post, her style is great, she picks trends from the catwalk and incorporates them into her own style.

The woman in the last picture just looks effortlessly cool, that is how I would love to look like every day. These are all very different outfits, but they all work so well and show the versatility of a white shirt. In the winter it will just need more layering but it should work equally well. I think ill give it a try as soon as I get back to Manchester and will have access to all my clothes.

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One Response to White Wash

  1. MAGDArling says:

    hello dear!xD thank u for following my blog! i will definitelly be checking out urs too:)

    as for the subject of ur post – i have the perfect white t-shirt but still looking for the perfect white shirt:D the one from 2nd picture is beautiful but i’d kill for the one from 3rd picture! purely gorgeous!<3


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