Luck of the Irish

Last year my boyfriend took me to Dublin for my birthday for the weekend. We went there at the end of February and you might think that it is not the best time to go there, we had an amazing time. Our hotel was lovely, about a fifteen minute bus ride from the hotel and it was really easy to get the bus to the city and back. We also had free transport from the hotel to the airport and back, which was really good especially when we had to leave at five in the morning to get back to England.

We did quite a lot of sight seeing in Dublin, I loved the city, people were friendly and chatty. The weather was really great as well, the sun was out every day and it wasn’t as cold as I had expected. We visited the Dublin museum, the Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral and the Guinness factory. And of course we had to see the Irish pubs and try some pub food and hear live music. A lot of the pubs and restaurants we went to were at the Temple bar area, it was very touristy with a lot of souvenir shops but the food and atmosphere were great. The Cathedral is the oldest medieval church in Dublin and very beautiful. There is also a crypt that contains various monuments and historical features, unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures from the church.

There is a lot to do and to see in Dublin. We did a guided tour around the castle that lasted for 45 minutes, I always thought that tours are extremely boring but this tour was really good. The tour guide was really into the topic and was able to tell us so many interesting facts about the history of Dublin. Unfortunately I can’t remember all of it any more because its been a while since the trip. 

The last picture is from the Guinness factory, the tour started from the ground floor upwards. It went though the history of the brand and also the process of making Guinness. They also had a section for all the other Guinness products that have been produced and they showed old and new TV advertisements. Here is one of them:

I definitely want to go to Dublin again, hopefully during the summer to see a different side of the city. There is still more to see, such as the Irish whisky factory and some shopping and I think the Irish country side would be worth visiting. But a weekend was enough time for us for one visit, we had enough time to see a lot of places without having to rush. It is also possible to do a bus tour around the city but we decided not to go on it.

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5 Responses to Luck of the Irish

  1. Magdaleena says:

    I love the pics and your coat! 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    Kiva blogi sulla 🙂 oot nätti!

  3. Nilla says:

    Tosi mahtava banneri, ja ihania kuvia 🙂 olet myöskin tosi kaunis !

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