Shoe Love

All pictures by Tommy Ton for

I love shoes. And I just realised that I really need a pair of red shoes, they just look amazing with everything. The leopard print shoes are so hot, I saw some similar booties in Zara a few weeks ago, unfortunately they were extremely uncomfortable, I could not imagine walking in them for more than a minute, it was uncomfortable just to stand still. I wouldn’t mind the Louboutins though! The sandals in the last picture are just gorgeous so I just had to post that picture. Shoes are so great, you can completely change the outfit with a different pair of shoes. Interesting shoes immediately bring something exciting to a simple outfit and you can dress up jeans and a top with a pair of heels. I would love to own more heels but at the moment I do a lot of walking to places and around the university so most of the time heels are not very practical and I’m not ready to sacrifice my comfort. In the winter I just prefer comfort over style. I try to look nice but Uggs are just the warmest thing I own and so easy to put on during the cold, early mornings when I would rather stay in bed and watch Desperate Housewives all day.

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